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You just made a fire beat and you want to make sure your clients hear it?.
Just text them!
Facebook and Instagram continue to restrict the reach with our own followers.
Now you can own the connection with all your current and potential clients.

Build Your Brand.
Own the connection with your fans.
Tired of Facebook and Instagram restricting your reach to your own fans? Now you can easily text them instead.
Why Should You Use FanConnect?
You'll be lucky if 10% of your fans see your Facebook or Instagram post.
Text messages, however, have a 95%+ open rate!
FanConnect allows you to communicate with your fans via text.
Have a message that is guaranteed to be received by your fans... Just text them! 
How To Get Started...
  • Pick a toll-free number.
  • Download the FanConnect App.
  • Send a text blast to your fans.
FanConnect can do a lot of 
Amazing Things...
Why should you use FanConnect?
 You'll be lucky if 10% of your fans see your Facebook or Instagram post.  
 Text messages, however, have a 95%+ open rate!   
 FanConnect allows you to communicate with your  
   clients via text.
 Have a message that is guaranteed to be received by your clients and fans... Just text them!
How To Get Started...
1. Pick a Toll-Free Number.
2. Download the FanConnect App.
3. Send a Text Blast to your Contacts.
FanConnect App can do a lot of
Amazing Things...
Text Blasts  
Text back and forth with one client or send a text blast to all of them!
Contact Management  
Segment your clients and fans with tags.
Target your contacts with alerts and blasts.
Using Keywords & Auto Responses
Use text keywords to add clients.
Set up an automated response to people.
How Do You Collect 
Clients' Numbers?
1. Anyone that texts your number is stored in the app as a contact.
2. Post your number on social media and tell your clients and  
    prospects to text you. 
3. Expedite the process by using incentives.

Futuristic is using FanConnect to promote his videos.

“When I drop a new song or have a message that I need my fans to get, I use FanConnect to guarantee that they receive it”

Case Study...
  • Futuristic launched a sale of his WTF hoodies. 
  •  He texted a promo code to receive 20% off to 1880 of his fans via FanConnect 
  •  50 of the promo codes were redeemed (2.7% conversion rate) which resulted in over $1500 in sales! 

30 Day FREE Trial
Billed Monthly, No Contract, Cancel Anytime
  • Unlimited Person to Person Text Messages
  • 700 Bulk Messages Per Month (2 cents per message after 700)
  • Includes Toll-Free Number
  • Unlimited Tags & Responders
  • Unlimited Text Keywords
  • Option: Voice Ready (2 cents per minute if activated)
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